Aadhaar Pay

  1. Aadhaar Pay is the easiest method of accepting payments from your customers through aadhaar linked bank account. AEPS payment method allows retailers to accept cashless payments without debit or credit cards, which is suitable for taking payments from customers who do not have access to these basic financial necessities.
  2. It is a payment system which allows merchants to collect payments from a customer using his Aadhaar number and biometric authentication. The aadhaar seeded account of the customer gets debited and merchant accounts gets credited.
  3. A receipt is printed for each transaction. Just like debit card receipt, Aadhaar number is masked on the receipt with only few digits shown in receipt with balance masked by printing masked digits.

Major Features

  • Aadhaar pay allows merchants to collect cashless payments from customers easily.
  • Customers don't need to carry a smartphone.
  • Payment is processed with just Aadhaar linked bank account and customer's presence in the shop.
  • Instant settlement of payment account to the merchant account
  • Payments are done securely via Aadhaar payment bank
  • Only biometric verification is required to process the payment.

Benefits to customers

  • No need for a smart phone to make payment
  • No need to remember Pin & Password.
  • Customer ease, easiest way of cashless payment.
  • No need to carry cash
  • No need to apply for debit or credit card
  • Secure payment option.